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We are pleased to provide you with the Optimist Club of Huber Heights discretionary grant and donation making policy and an application form.


The Optimist Club of Huber Heights typically gives grants and donations to charitable organizations that promote the Optimist Mission Statement, “By providing hope and positive vision, Optimists bring out the best in kids.” The Optimist longstanding motto is “Friend of Youth”.

It is our intention that in following Federal (IRS) gifting guidelines that the purpose of the grants and donations is to benefit scholastic excellence, athletic development, respect for law, community service, and the improvement in social welfare within the Huber Heights community.

Additionally, the Optimist Club of Huber Heights may award grants to community and civic organizations within the Huber Heights community when it is deemed to be in the best interest of

the Club.


Proposals need to include all information requested on the application form. The information provided is far more important than the form or format. In writing your proposal keep in mind that people who may not be fully familiar with your project may review it. Make sure that you fully explain and justify your project and what you hope to accomplish. Please be as clear, complete, and concise as possible. Submit additional information or attachments as necessary in support of your case.


Applicants are highly encouraged to present their proposal to the Club members in person. The Club typically meets at C’s Pizza, 5186 Brandt Pike, Huber Heights, Ohio 45424 (937) 233-7764 at noon on Thursdays. Please contact a member on the attached contact list to schedule a date and time to present your proposal.

The Optimist Club of Huber Heights typically considers applications on a monthly basis. Applications must be received at least one week in advance of a meeting to be considered on the next meetings agenda. The Club reserves the right to review your application with other activities and organizations for gathering additional information that may assist the Club in making its decision. The Optimist Club of Huber Heights will notify applicants of its decision in writing.


The Optimist Club of Huber Heights awards grants to tax-exempt organizations that benefit the youth of Huber Heights.

The fundraising that the Optimist Club of Huber Heights conducts to generate monies for distribution does not allow for the holding of large amounts of capital. Therefore, organizations that anticipate requesting multiple grant funding must submit multiple Grant requests, prioritizing those projects that they desire support for in the up-coming year.

Please submit your grant requests as far in advance as possible. This will allow the Club to anticipate your needs and set program priorities to the most needy, as our funds are limited.

For additional information or assistance, contact one of the members listed below.

Steve Siegel, President Home #: 937-237-0571 Work #: 937-853-0271

Leo Ferryman, Treasurer Home #: 937-667-7787

Mark Bruns, Secretary Home #: 937 405-6509 Work #: 937-237-3607

Jeff Newsome, VP Home #: 937-667-7445 Cell #: 937-602-2484


Please complete the following and submit it with any additional information.

Organization name: ________________________________________________

(Legal name as registered with the Ohio Secretary of State)

Federal Tax Identification # ____________________

Street Address: ____________________________________________________

City, State, and Zip Code: ___________________________________________

Telephone: ____________________ Fax: ______________________________

E-Mail: _________________________________________________________

Contact Person: ___________________________________________________

Title: ______________________ Telephone: ___________________________

Is your organization recognized as a “tax-exempt” entity under Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal

Revenue Code? Yes: _______ No: ______

***If yes, please attach a copy of your IRS determination letter to this application. ***

***If your organization is not “tax-exempt” please explain: _______________________



Project Title: ___________________________Project Date: _____________________

Amount Requested: ______________ Total Budget for the project: _______________

Please summarize your proposal in the space provided below. Include brief, but specific information about the benefits expected from this project, for whom, and for how long. Additionally, what might the negative impact be if this project cannot be supported? Attach additional pages if needed.






______________________________ __________________

(Official Signature) (Date)